Here at Amplify Arts, we are driven to make the Omaha metro a place where artists want to live. There are a lot of positive things happening in the local arts community and beyond, but there are things we can improve. We have started to make some changes to our programs to better serve local artists, but we have a limited sample. If our goal is to be a resource for all artists, we need to hear from more artists about what opportunities and resources they need to succeed. This annual anonymous survey is a step towards doing just that. By participating in this study and telling us what you need, you’ll be helping Amplify Arts and ultimately our community improve and better support local artists.

The 2019 survey is not open yet.

In the meantime, take a look at the 2017 & 2018 survey data if you haven’t already.

Please note: These results are not meant to represent all artists in the Omaha metro. Each survey has over 100 responses, but we know we have work to do reaching artists of different disciplines, ages, races, identities, etc. You may also notice that for some of the questions the percentages add up to more than 100%. That is because respondents were able to choose more than one answer for these questions. (We are not data professionals... if you have any questions about the survey results, don't hesitate to reach out!)


What we want to learn: 

  • Current climate for Omaha artists

  • What artists need to succeed

  • How Amplify Arts can best support artists in Omaha

Our goals:

  • To make informed decisions about programming and activities

  • Be responsive to artists’ needs

  • Use data to better advocate for Omaha artists


  • To inform the design of programs like Working Artist Wednesdays and Artist Grants

  • To evaluate if current programs and activities are meeting the needs of artists right NOW

  • To advocate for things like W.A.G.E. standards

  • To educate patrons on the importance of buying local

Questions? We welcome your call or email at 402.996.1092 or