AC Interview: Media Corp

Media Corp is a small, mixed use creative space in Omaha’s Gifford Park neighborhood that has been making space and holding space for community centered programming since 2018. We sat down recently with Amanda Huckins and Jesse Fischer, co-founders of Media Corp, to talk about neighborhoods in transition, urban development, and the oftentimes contested roles artists play in the gentrification process. 

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Andrew Saladino
AC Panel Recap: Arts & Economic Growth

Last week, we sat down and talked with Film Streams’ Executive Director, Rachel Jacobson; Sarah Moylan, Senior Director of Talent and Workforce at the Omaha Chamber of Commerce; and artist and educator Angie Seykora, to unpack some of the issues surrounding the ways in which individual artists, cultural organizations, and creative industries contribute to Omaha’s economic growth.

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Andrew SaladinoComment
Art for Change

Let’s be honest—Omaha will never be New York or Los Angeles. Our history is different; the way the built environment has evolved over time is different; our cultural assets are different; our topography is different. Can acknowledging those differences, and appreciating them for what they are, make space for new possibilities?

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AC Response: Carolina Hotchandani

The oversaturation of universities with aspiring professors in the humanities and arts points to a problem that exists outside of it—namely, a need for other kinds of communities to exist where artists and intellectuals can draw inspiration from one another and offer support to younger minds that are hungry for role models, for constructive criticism, and for a sense of kinship.

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