Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts-Nebraska (VLA-NE) is an Amplify Arts program designed to build a bridge between the creative community and lawyers dedicated to providing pro-bono legal assistance. This compliments Amplify Arts’ mission of supporting local artists and building capacity for the arts & culture sector, through an individual artist lens. We are proud to bring this service to the creative community of Nebraska, further increasing the support and tools Amplify Arts provides. 


VLAs are formal associations of lawyers with backgrounds in issues that affect artists directly. They exist in major metropolitan areas across the country including NYCKansas CityMinneapolis, and Denver, just to name a few. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes, but are commonly bound by an ethos of supporting working artists and creatives with access to pro-bono legal services.


Amplify Arts has recruited a number of lawyers for the VLA-NE who are committed to supporting the arts community in a volunteer capacity. These lawyers provide legal services free-of-charge, given the potential client meets all eligibility requirements. The role of Amplify Arts’ VLA-NE is essentially that of a match-maker: to pair potential clients with the best volunteer lawyer for the job.

After a potential client fills out the intake form, we begin the process of ensuring that both the potential client and their case are eligible for pro-bono services. Once confirmed, we send that information out to our network of lawyers. When a volunteer professional agrees to take the case, VLA-NE will facilitate an introduction between the client and that volunteer professional.

Placement with a professional typically takes between two to three weeks. We make our best effort to find a volunteer professional for every qualified and eligible applicant but cannot guarantee that one will agree to help you.


It’s important to understand that VLA-NE services are only available for issues or problems that are directly related to the arts and/or an artist's creative practice. Common issues might be contract review, contract creation, copyright issues, fair use concerns, real estate disputes over studio space, etc. Anything that does not directly relate to the arts or an active arts practice is ineligible for pro-bono services.

Case areas may include: Bankruptcy, Collections, Contract, Copyright, Corporate, Entertainment, First Amendment, Insurance, Labor/Employment, Landlord/Tenant, Libel/Privacy, Real Estate, Tax, Trusts/Estates, and Worker’s Compensation.


While these services are designed for working artists, anyone with an arts-related issue residing in Nebraska can apply.

Due to the limitations of the law firms and lawyers we work with, we must institute an income cap on eligibility. Based on last year’s tax return, the client's income cannot exceed $30,150 (250% of the Federal Poverty Limit). For each dependent (spouse, child, etc.), the client receives an additional deduction of $4180.

The client will be asked to provide the top sheet of their tax return to verify.


No Problem. Feel free to email info@amplifyarts.org with any questions.