Amplify Omaha Through the Arts

Amplify Arts promotes unity, innovation, and progress in the arts to build strong and vibrant communities. Your gifts make our work possible – by providing the necessary funds for operations and programming, and allowing us to innovate and be responsive to our local arts community.  Please help advance our important work and include Amplify Arts in your giving.


$50 pays for snacks for a month

$125 covers one Artist INC Subject Matter Expert stipend

$250 is the average Micro Grant Award

$500 will pay for 2 Honorariums for our Grant juries

$1,000 is the stipend for one Artist INC Facilitator

$3,000 will cover one year of stipends for Working Artist Wednesday instructors

$5,000 will award one Artist Support Grant

$10,000 will award one Public Impact Grant


Become a sustaining donor by making a monthly contribution to Amplify Arts. Having reliable, recurring donations allow us to put more energy into creating an Omaha where artists are able to live and work sustainably.

Did you know that over $2 billion is donated through corporate matching gift programs every year, but only about 1 in 10 eligible donors match their donations? Since many companies may match up to $10,000 for every donation, the revenue adds up quickly for small nonprofits like Amplify. Click here or ask your employer if they have a matching gift program!