Medium Green,  curated by Andrew Tatreau, brings together 5 artists and designers whose work proposes, in function or content, alternative solutions for developing greener, more sustainable urban ecologies.  Andrew TatreauSarah KolarNicholas HoldenEmily Andersen & Geoff DeOld, and Hudson Gardner offer up multiple propositions, using a wide range of production skills, for expanding land and cultural literacy in an immersive installation on view in one of Big Muddy Urban Farm's recently renovated Aspiring Farmer Residency houses in Omaha, NE.    

A panel discussion between artists, Big Muddy residents, and experts in the field will unpack how urban centers can become more self-sustaining while facing unprecedented population growth, increasing consumption, and man-made climate change, through community supported agriculture (CSAs) and alternative design and planning strategies.

Andrew Tatreau received a Media Studies degree from The New School in New York City. Currently in Omaha, Nebraska, Andrew sees interior and landscape design as a medium for social practice. His personal and professional work outside reveals the ways in which engaging design, in concert with nature, can enhance interpersonal relationships amongst disparate groups of people.